Exciting News! 

20% Scholarship (First 2 Semesters)

This scholarship is offered to NEW international students commencing their study in 2021.

  • Higher Education Diplomas
  • Undergraduate (Coursework only)
  • Postgraduate (Coursework only)

International Students meeting scholarship requirements will receive 20% tuition scholarship for first 2 semesters tuition fees. 

Extension of scholarship based on study performance is valued at 10% off the tuition fee per semester for the remainder of their studies.

International students receiving advanced standing for previous studies are eligible for 20% scholarship off the first 2 semesters’ tuition fee only. 

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On 28 October 2020, we received Silver Agent Recognition from Victoria University in Melbourne. Hooray!

Thank you Victoria University for always helping our international students in Melbourne.

We are grateful to Victoria University for providing both Covid Funding & Scholarship Support to help our students to achieve their dreams of studying in Australia!!

2021 VU International scholarships are out...

Hoping to study at a university in Melbourne who cares for international students? We recommend study at Victoia University!

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