Motor Mechanic (General)

Average Salary: AUD 60,000 / year *

Recommended Course(s) of Study (2 to 3 years):

2020-2021 College Scholarship in Australia (Eligibility Applies)^

 College Scholarship for our International Students in Melbourne:  

  • Choose from one of the study options below:
    • 3 Course Package (3 Years): From AUD 7,750 / year for 3 years (after scholarship) ^
    • 2 Course Package (2 Years): From AUD 8,225 / year for 2 years (after scholarship) ^
    • 3 Course Package (2 Years): From AUD 10,070 / year for 2 years (after scholarship) ^
  • English Requirement:
    • IELTS Academic 5.5 (Sub bands 5.0) or equivalent or Pass College English Test
  • Academic Requirement:
    • Minimum Australia Year 12 equivalent 
  • Intake: Monthly
  • Payment Plan Options: Monthly
  • Minimum CoE Depost: AUD 1,500 - AUD 2,950

* Disclaimer:

  • The salary stated above is based on average income per year in Australia from Neuvoo (see below).
  • Salaries may vary based on relevant education, work experiences, skillsets and professional recognition of a working individual as well as job location.


Job Descriptions and Pay Range for occupation listed above:

Motor Mechanic- General

Job Overview:

Maintains, tests and repairs petrol engines and the mechanical parts of lightweight motor vehicles such as transmissions, suspension, steering and brakes. Registration or licensing may be required.

Source Reference:

Pay Range:

Source Reference: Neuvoo

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